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How to Create Engaging Compliance Training

In a time when compliance regulations are becoming more and more nuanced, knowledge testing isn’t enough. Risk and Compliance teams must now focus on and demonstrate the impact of their training on the behaviour of their employees – and learner engagement is essential.

In this webinar, Eukleia’s Consulting Lead, Patrick Thomas, and LEO Learning’s Principal Learning Consultant, Kath Fleet, explore how to build engaging compliance training that focuses on behaviours first, with measurement in mind. They look at techniques that enable you to prove the impact of your training on the culture of the organisation and the front-line behaviours that result from this.

Watch the on-demand recording to discover:

  • The latest trends in compliance training
  • Techniques to improve learner engagement
  • New forms of assessments that build a broader picture of the profile of the individual and the organisation

LEO GRC, formerly Eukleia, is the specialist Governance, Risk and Compliance sister company of LEO Learning.

Watch the webinar recording

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