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2004: The Millennials Event Horizon

In this session, recorded at Learning Technologies 2016, LEO Learning consultant Kath Fleet looks at how 2004 was a pivotal year when it comes to Millennials. Kath delves into how, over the past ten years, this seminal generation have shaped current trends in learning and social interaction, how businesses still struggle to meet their needs and expectations, how the rate of change over the next ten years will create even greater challenges and opportunities, and how LEO Learning can help you capitalize on the present and anticipate the future.

In this session Kath covers:

  • Designing for high expectations and short attention spans
  • Personalization, mobilization and adaptive learning
  • Creating ‘snackable’, integrated learning architectures and experiences
  • Driving and harnessing social engagement for business improvement
  • The future, global implications for learning of bio-tech, wearable technology, paper-thin interfaces, and universal translation

Watch the recording below:

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