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The Millennial Challenge: Can We Make Them Stay?

“Attracting and retaining talent may be the biggest challenge posed by Millennials to global businesses today.” This was the finding of a poll that LEO Learning conducted during our recent webinar ‘The Millennial Challenge’.

Millennials, perhaps more than any previous generation, are perceived by hiring managers as being the most willing to walk away from their jobs. This is a view backed up by major global studies which show that the average Millennial only stays in a job for an average of 3 years—a move that costs their employer up to $25,000 each time to replace them.

So what can your business do to retain Millennials? This ebook from LEO Learning Consultant, Kath Fleet, builds on our previous publication ‘The Millennials Event Horizon’ by exploring how digital learning technologies can be harnessed to help your business to attract and retain Millennials and create a lasting transformation.

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