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Learners Outside Your Organization: The Power of New Learning Relationships

The rise of the extended enterprise has created new audiences for learning. Traditionally, the success of a business was solely dependent on its own internal activities but today, fewer and fewer organizations are operating as islands. Many businesses now rely upon multiple partner organizations—each playing a vital role in taking their products or services to market.

In a complex, globalized fast-paced world, learning interventions have unrivaled potential to optimize the extended enterprise and deliver real business impact.

The reach of L&D now extends to:

  • Suppliers and manufacturers
  • Distributors, resellers and partners
  • Contract and temporary workers
  • Potential recruits and soon-to-be employees
  • Potential and existing customers

This LEO Learning ebook delves into the opportunities for delivering learning to the extended enterprise and the benefits these new learning relationships have on wider business goals. It also features some practical examples and real case studies of successful extended enterprise learning solutions.

Download the ebook

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