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Making Blended Work: The 5 Key Elements of Effective Blended Learning Design

Blended learning has traditionally been thought of as a combination of digital and face-to-face learning components. However, as we move towards a greater dependence on technology, the definition of blended learning is changing.

Blended is fast becoming a necessity, but beyond some face-to-face and some online elements, what does it really take to design an effective blended learning journey?

More than just a sum of its parts, an effective blended learning journey is nuanced and very deliberately designed. Alongside the five key elements of effective blended learning design, within this ebook, you will find additional resources and examples from real projects we’ve worked on.

This ebook covers a range of topics including:

  • How people really learn
  • What makes a great blended learning journey
  • How to manage blended learning at a distance
  • Increasing uptake and engagement
  • Measuring the impact of a blended program

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