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Learning Measurement Toolkit

Measurement Toolkit: How-To Guides

A Human Framework for Reskilling: How 5 Seismic Forces Are Driving the Reinvention of Learning & Talent

This white paper pinpoints the seismic forces that are compelling large organizations to reinvent Learning and Talent with an empathetic eye on their people. It lists strategic actions required to align executive, HR, and L&D leaders on the shared goal of reskilling the workforce to close the gap between current and future capability.

Three Steps to Practical, Effective Learning Measurement

Every organization is different and every L&D team will face their own challenges and competing priorities at any one time.

Achieve your measurement goals at your own pace with support from our highly flexible three-step program.

  1. Define your strategy
  2. Build your capabilities
  3. Drive business and individual performance

Five Steps to Get Started with Learning Analytics

Getting started is easier than you think. There’s a lot you can do with simple metrics and the data you have right now.

In this ebook, you’ll:

  • Explore five steps to help you get started with learning analytics
  • Understand different technologies, such as xAPI, that can support your learning analytics program
  • Find the right approach for your learning analytics program

Last Year’s Results

The 2019 survey found that although big data and impact measurement remain very important for workplace learning, getting access to data and getting buy-in from stakeholders are key barriers to measurement.

The report offers real-world examples of organizations addressing key issues identified in the data, and advice on breaking down some common measurement barriers.

Your Free Learning Record Store

Access to data is the first step to measuring impact. Track and explore your learning data for free with Essentials LRS.

Essentials LRS is a fully xAPI-conformant learning record store that enables you to track data, play with xAPI, and experience a learning record store without having to make an up-front investment or commitment.

Discover how we can make data and measurement work for you. Get in touch.

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