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Video and Animation: Harness the Power of the Moving Picture for Learning in Lockdown

This webinar is now in the past.

There’s a question we’re being asked every day: ‘How do we make our virtual learning as powerful and effective as our face-to-face learning?’

A key part of our answer is to make sure we use media smartly—to deliver exposition, narrative, and story, and to create as rich an experience as possible through the learning we deliver. Two key tools have always been video and animation.

Join LEO Learning’s Executive Producer of Moving Image, Frank McCabe, and Lead Animator, Brigitte Sutherland, as they tell us how to get the most out of animation and video, and how to adapt to delivery in lockdown. The session will be chaired by Andrew Joly, our Director of Strategic Design.

Register and explore:

  • Shooting conventional video in lockdown: biosecurity, options, and things to avoid
  • Virtual shoots and recording your own video
  • The special power of animation as a learning medium
  • Why mixed-media animation is so important right now
  • How to deliver animation at speed, scale and with value

You’ll get the chance to see examples of what we’re doing with some of our leading global clients, challenge us, share your ideas, and take away practical tips you can apply tomorrow.

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