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How Big Is the Learning Shift? A Look at Accelerating Trends

This webinar is now in the past.

We are in a moment of long-term cultural change.

Over the last few months, L&D has seen some major changes, as face-to-face training has moved fully online. Webinars and virtual classrooms have boomed, responding to immediate needs—but what are the longer-term changes likely to be?

We asked our own customers how things are changing for them now, and how they think learning is likely to change going forwards.

LEO Learning’s Principal Consultant, Geoff Bloom, and Strategic Consulting Lead, Rose Benedicks look at how learning has changed since the start of the pandemic and identify future opportunities for learning that go beyond just webinars and virtual classrooms.

We explore:

  • What colleagues are saying about learning formats of the future
  • What a successful digital learning blend needs
  • What you can achieve through distance learning
  • Ways to keep online learning interesting and challenging

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