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Going Virtual: What’s Working?

This webinar is now in the past.

The fast pivot to distance learning over the last six months has created a deeply challenging time for many organizations and their learners, as they begin to understand what virtual learning means for them in the long term.

As a trusted partner to many clients in a wide range of sectors, we have had unique experience supporting their teams and reacting to their immediate learning needs. We are seeing first hand where the quick wins are and how to engage learners in a fully virtual world.

Join LEO Learning’s Director of Strategic Design, Andrew Joly, Head of Client Engagement, Sophie Miller, and Principal Consultant, Patrick Thomas, as we reflect on what’s working for our clients, share what we are learning ourselves, and answer the questions you have for us.

Together we will look at:

  • Current business challenges and learning trends
  • What’s working in distance learning
  • Virtual strategies for engagement
  • The realities of replacing face-to-face

Send in your questions on ‘Going Virtual’ and we will do our best to answer them during the session. What are your immediate challenges for delivery? What are your strategic challenges for the longer term? What are your learners finding the most difficult at this time?

Join our panel of learning experts, have your questions answered live and learn from each other, as we solve some of your challenges and share what works!

Questions can be submitted prior to the webinar via the sign-up form and the panel will answer as many as possible.

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