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Future of Learning 101: The Panel - High-Impact Distance Learning

This webinar is now in the past.

Join our panel of learning experts and have your questions answered live in our webinar!

We’re running a series of webinars called ‘Future of Learning 101: The Panel’ on a variety of different topics. We’ll highlight a hot topic, take your questions and answer them live.

This month we’re kicking off our panel with the topic of distance learning.

Future of Learning 101: The Panel - High-Impact Distance Learning

Are you curious about how you can reskill and upskill your business at scale and distance? How can you connect your audience emotionally when you can’t get them in the same space?  How can you keep your blend working without the face-to-face component? What kinds of video should you be considering?

Whether you want to explore how to get started, discover best practice techniques, or understand how to reskill and upskill your organization at scale, whatever your current challenge, we want to hear from you.

Our panel of LEO Learning experts:

Andrew Joly
Director of Strategic Design

Rose Benedicks
Strategic Consulting Lead

Patrick Thomas
Consulting Lead

Questions can be submitted prior to the webinar via the sign-up form and the panel will answer as many as possible. Any questions we don’t get to answer, we’d be happy to follow up directly upon request.

Learn from the experts (and each other), as we solve some of your challenges and share what works.

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