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Ready for the Next Normal? A New Blueprint for L&D Capability in a Virtual World

This webinar is now in the past.

In a recent LEO poll, 86% of senior L&D leaders said that they had made a significant or major change in their learning provision over the last six months. Working and learning at a distance, and the challenges for L&D, trainers, and of course isolated learners, has required a major change in the way we deliver learning.

In this webinar, LEO Learning’s Principal Consultant, Patrick Thomas, and Consultant, Alex Steer, will explore and show us their new foundations for L&D capability.

With an emphasis on meeting the new learner and organizational needs in a fully online world, and supported by case study examples from the front line of innovative LEO work in the last six months, we will explore:

  • Virtual-first design
  • Driving emotion, energy, and imagination in distance learning
  • New sensitivities for design
  • Collaborative and social learning strategies
  • Action and activation
  • Keeping measurement in mind

Join us for a challenging and interactive session, share your views with us, and take away ideas and approaches you can apply tomorrow.

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