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LEO Learning and Watershed Research Report Reveals a Jump in Pressure on L&D to Measure Learning’s Impact

LEO Learning, award-winning bespoke learning technologies solutions and content provider, has published its second report analysing the business impact of learning. LEO Learning, in partnership with analytics experts, Watershed, has now surveyed nearly 700 major organisations to understand their views of learning.

A survey of six key questions looking at attitudes towards measuring learning programmes was sent to global organisations, whose responses provided the first set of year-on-year statistics on the big data approach to learning.

Headline findings

  • 96% of L&D Executives agree or strongly agree they want to measure the business impact of learning programmes
  • 89% believe it is possible to demonstrate the impact of learning compared to 78% in 2017
  • 83% agree or strongly agree that a big data approach plays a key role in supporting decision making inside organisations compared with 47% in 2017, a 77% increase
  • Learner satisfaction was identified as the key evaluation factor of the success of departments
    60% of L&D Executives agreed that there is increased pressure on them to measure the business impact of learning (2017:35%)
  • The biggest challenge of measuring organisational learning impact is ‘competing priorities’

Piers Lea, Chief Strategy Officer of Learning Technologies Group and LEO Learning, commented:
“We’ve been very interested to see the trends in this report. It’s clear that a lack of pressure from leadership to measure business impact would lead to ‘competing priorities’ being the main issue preventing progress. So the fact that those feeling pressure has risen from 35% to 60% is significant.”

To access the research paper, click here.

More LEO Learning research, white papers, ebooks and insights into the subject of measuring the business impact of learning can be found at leolearning.com/resources.

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