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The Right Learning at the Right Time

Imagine if your LMS delivered you the learning and performance support resources when and where you needed them. Imagine if it knew when and where you learnt best and sent you those resources just at the right time for you to view them on your commute or over your lunch break. Imagine if the resources you received were tailored to your job role, preferences and the capabilities of the device you love to learn on.

I’d like to take you through my vision of how a Tin Can-powered LMS might enable just those scenarios by linking resources and events to competencies.

So imagine that Andrew is a new Lead Designer at Epic and has his first kick-off meeting with a client coming up. He’s a bit nervous and not sure what to expect, so arranges a meeting with his mentor, Imogen. Imogen is very helpful and explains the process to him. Andrew uses a Tin Can-powered tool to record this meeting in his personal learning record. He marks it as contributing to one of the competencies in Epic’s competency framework: “Lead Design at Kick Off”.

The LMS sees that Andrew is working towards this competency and prompts him to set a target for applying the competency in a job task. Andrew’s calendar is synced with the LMS, so he links the kick-off meeting to the target. Later, when the kick off meeting moves, the date of target is automatically updated.

The LMS also sends Andrew a batch of resources that Imogen and other Lead Designers have curated and tagged as helpful for achieving the competency. Andrew ‘up votes’ the resources he finds helpful and ‘down votes’ the ones that are less helpful. He even adds in an additional resource he found via Twitter.

Using Tin Can tracking data, the LMS has identified that Andrew often accesses learning resources during his daily commute and that he rarely accesses Flash or video resources as he normally learns on a Kindle Fire. It has adjusted the time that it emails him resources and the type of resources it sends accordingly.

The day before the kick off, the LMS notices that Andrew’s target is coming up and emails him an updated collection of resources. Andrew reads these on the train on the way to the kick off to refresh his memory of what he’s learnt from Imogen. The kick off is a huge success and Andrew records that he has met his target.

Later, Andrew has another meeting with Imogen to review the kick off. They learn that some of Andrew’s colleagues who were present at the kick off have already endorsed him for the competency (using a Tin Can powered tool). They can also see when and how often Andrew accessed the resources.

Imogen confirms that Andrew has achieved the competency and this is recorded in his personal learning record. Project Managers looking for a Lead Designer will now find Andrew when searching for people who have achieved the competency.

I’m interested to hear your thoughts on this. How will this work in your organisation? Please get in touch or leave a comment below.

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