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Case Study: Jaguar Land Rover – Mobile Apps for Dealers

This post first appeared on the LINE blog on 11th January 2013, before LINE became LEO Learning. LINE has worked closely with Jaguar Land Rover over a number of years, developing strategic approaches to improve dealer performance. As part of this ongoing engagement with Jaguar Land Rover, LINE has investigated how innovative, technology-driven solutions can be applied to a wide range of business issues. LINE specifically looked at how technology, such as mobile apps, could be used to streamline the sales process and to enhance the customer experience.

The challenge

Working with Jaguar Land Rover, two specific business challenges were identified:

  • The increase in the number of new vehicles and model variants with complex in-vehicle technology meant sales staff needed better access to product information. This information needed to be available at the point of sale, i.e. with the customer at the vehicle.
  • In certain markets (specifically emerging markets such as China), sales consultants needed to improve their product presentation skills by performing an effective ‘six-position walk-around’ of the vehicle, with the aim of encouraging the customer to take a test drive.

LINE undertook an extensive inquiry, supported with pilots, to ascertain whether mobile devices would meet the demands of dealers and customers and provide solutions to these challenges.

The solution: mobile app products

The results of the inquiry clearly identified a strong appetite for mobile technology, not just for training purposes but also to solve a much wider range of business challenges. As a result, LINE developed two mobile app products:

  • The iHub – an app which provides all the information a sales consultant would need to help them sell a vehicle. We developed this app specifically for the US market, initially to cover the launch of the new Range Rover Evoque. This was then extended to cover all other vehicles in both the Jaguar and Land Rover brands.
  • A vehicle presentation app – this focuses on the ‘six-position walk-around’ and works in three ways: as a customer-facing presentation device; as a self-paced learning tool and as a tool for sales staff to check their own knowledge. The app also contains video examples of best practice. The app initially focused on the Jaguar XJ, and was then extended to cover other vehicles across both the Jaguar and Land Rover ranges.

During the development phases of the project, a number of challenges emerged. These included the need for faster app creation, lower cost app creation, ease of updates, security, scalability, distribution, translation and localisation by external agencies in local markets.

To overcome these challenges, Jaguar Land Rover adopted the LINEStream platform. LINEStream is our intuitive mobile enterprise platform which lets authors create, publish and update dynamic mobile apps quickly and easily to multiple devices.

The results

Both the iHub and the vehicle presentation app are supported by an ongoing feedback and evaluation programme. In a survey of 236 sales consultants, over 90% said they would use the app to explain difficult technologies to customers, learn about pricing, compare products with competitors and assist them when selling optional extras.

LINE and Jaguar Land Rover are now in the process of rolling out the LINEStream platform into all global markets. The platform is also being considered across other areas of the business within the dealer network and also for other areas of the business such as product design and manufacturing.

“… A lot of manufacturers have gone the gaming route rather than a business solution route. This is the difference between the application having longevity and those that are short lived. This is a unique solution for motor manufacturers … and provides a cost effective tool that will be rolled out globally in nine languages … ” – Dr Adrian Birch Phd, Manager, Training Systems and Young People at the Jaguar Land Rover Academy

The app won the 2011 IVCA Silver Award for Best Digital Communications.

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